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Dealing with dentures!

Posted By on January 3, 2012

It is believed that lower dentures are hard to keep as compared to the upper dentures. This is the reason why dentists opt for overdentures for the lower jaw. However, this is not compulsory and patients who have few teeth left usually opt for complete denture. There are some cases when the conditions of the teeth are not good enough to be used for overdenture. The teeth must meet a certain criteria of health before they are preserved for the overdenture. Usually, premolars and canines are selected because of their special position in jaw and their root length.

The teeth selected for overdenture are shaped so that they can easily fit in the denture. During this process, there is a chance that the tooth’s living pulp is exposed. To avoid this, dentists usually recommend root canal treatment. The pulp is removed and is replaced with filling material. The remaining teeth are also covered with metal castings known as copings. Several attachments can be put on the copings as well so that the dentures remain fixed.

The removable dentures, also known as partial dentures comprise of a metal framework with plastic gum areas and teeth. The framework has several metal clasps that assist in holding the dentures at one place. These dentures can be easily removed for cleaning purpose. There are also fixed partial dentures which are also known as bridges. They are fixed in one place and look more like natural teeth. They happen to be more expensive as compared to the removable partial dentures. They also need support from the nearby healthy teeth.

Different types of bridges are now available. Some are made of porcelain only while others are covered with gold framework. Both of these bridges differ in terms of their cost. It is entirely up to you which one do you want for yourself. You can also discuss with your dentist and he will recommend the best option.

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